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How to Start a Group Coaching Program

Perhaps you are a 1-1 coach and you want to be able to coach more clients, albeit on a less personal nature than with 1-1.

One of the advantages to group coaching is that you can reduce the price per client.

For example, if you charge $100 an hour for 1-1 coaching, you make $100 an hour in revenue, but only for the small percentage of prospects who are willing to pay $100 an hour.

But with group coaching, you can have 10 clients working on a related project, talk with them each for a few minutes, but most importantly, teach as a group . . . and the breakeven price to you would be $10 an hour for these clients!

That’s right – clients who can’t – or won’t – afford $100 an hour – CAN invest $10 an hour in themselves.

Seriously, as many as 10x as many clients may want to work with you personally, if you can reduce your hourly rate from $100 an hour to $10 an hour – by grouping clients together.

Now, that’s the concept in it’s simplest form, in reality, you would probably create a more formal “group coaching program” where you invite as many as 20-100 clients to participate in a small group, and rather than specifically speak to each client each hour, you teach to the entire group for maybe 45 minutes, then open the call for any questions and answers they may have, for 15-30 minutes.

Many times the question the client asks, is similar to one other clients might ask, so in you answering that question, the others get value – and can apply what you just shared, to their situation.

By adding a group coaching program to your business, you can add value to your subscribers, prospects and market, because the group coaching can flat-out be more affordable than 1-1 coaching.

And of course if a client wants to invest in 1-1 coaching, they can do that as well . . .

And the group coaching sort of serves as a screening device for clients to graduate to 1-1.

In fact, you can require that you only teach clients 1-1 if they have been a part of your group coaching program for some amount of time, say 30-90 days AND have actively participated.

You see, I have found that most clients can get nearly the same training in group as 1-1 if they participate – and personally, I don’t like to have 1-1 clients just because they don’t want to participate in a group!

I like to work with 1-1 clients who are truly doing something interesting and unique, and the group program really allows me to screen prospects for 1-1 coaching with me.

Well, I hope I’ve persuaded you to think about adding group coaching to your mix, as I think you’ll find it increases your revenue AND allows you to help more people at the same time!

Sean Mize

Author: Sean Mize

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